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Information for Shareholders

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As a company that places a strong emphasis on values and ethics, Pidilite has its shareholders’ interests at heart. This impacts the way we do business. We believe in sharing authentic and exact information to enable shareholders to make the right decisions. We focus on the future as we believe in long term benefits over short term gains.

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We are committed to good corporate governance and comply in all material with respect to the requirements specified in Listing Regulations. The company endeavours to ensure that highest standards of ethical and responsible conduct are met. This is ensured by taking ethical business decisions and conducting business with a firm commitment to values, while meeting stakeholders’ expectations.

At Pidilite, it is imperative that our company affairs are managed in a fair and transparent manner. This is vital to gain and retain the trust of our stakeholders. Our corporate governance framework ensures effective engagement with our stakeholders and helps us evolve with changing times

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