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Golden Bond Mobile application is
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iPad, iPhone Appstore.


An Architect/Interior designer faces various problems on site related to bonding of different surfaces and substrates.
Hence we need a tool that is quick & easy which can be downloaded on their phone to get instant access to the correct solution.

The home screen will have the “PIDILITE Golden Bond” branding and a brief introduction on the application.
The app will have 2 solutions:
1. Surface to substrate.
2. Solutions to your problems.

1. Surface to Substrate -
• This section will have multiple solutions for surfaces and substrates. This solution will be of use to both Architects as well as Interior Designers.
• The user can select any surface and any substrate and the app will display the suitable solution.
• The solution thus displayed will have a brief description of the product, Product image along with application methods and areas of application.
• Most combinations of surface to substrate have more than one product.

2. Solution to Problems -
• This section will display solutions for the following problem areas faced by Interior Designers.
1. Internal Waterproofing
2. Woodworking
3. Wood Finish
4. Tile and floor fixing solutions
• The various sections will further highlight different solutions key to the respective areas.
• This will be followed by solutions to the various problems along with Product description, Application methods and Areas of application.