Wudfin PU 11

Product Description

 Clear finish of appearance and performance for your wooden substrates.

WudfinPU11, is a single component, air drying polyurethane wood finish. It not only gives a protective coat but also enhances the entire beauty of the wooden elements.


• Single Component
• Self Leveling
• Forms a smooth and strong film
• Superior Gloss and Gloss Retention
• Premixed Shades (Wudfin PU11 Colour)


• Makes it easy to apply as no need to mix hardener. DIY product.
• Offers better aesthetics as it leaves no brush marks. It can be applied by ragging, brushing as well as spraying.
• Offers better scratch, water, heat and stain resistance compared to French Polish.
• Offers much higher gloss and gloss retention compared to French Polish.
• Offers uniform distribution of colour on wood without any patches.

More Details

 200 ml, 500 ml, 1litre and 4 litres.