Equality is our Ethos

We strive to create a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion as we build the workforce of the future.

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Vision Statement

Our DE&I vision is to create a sustainable, pioneering organisation that embraces diversity in all aspects and constantly seeks improvement to build an inclusive environment for everyone to thrive in.

At Pidilite, we are creating a workforce that reflects the diversity of our customers. We strive to build environments that engage and enable people of all walks of life. We respect the differences that are fundamental to any individual’s identity, be it age, gender, ethnicity, race, physical ability, sexual orientation, and other. We welcome diversity in thought, as it enhances innovation, accelerates new ideas and propels businesses into new arenas. After all, when one of us succeeds, we all succeed.

Inclusivity Delivers Innovation

Our DE&I vision embraces an environment that encourages equality of thought, drives innovation and embraces all

When your culture is inclusive, diverse, and has a strong sense of belongingness, then everyone thrives. We seek out different viewpoints and it is there where we find greatness. 

The diverse and equitable environment at Pidilite encourages long-term professional growth, offers ample opportunities to succeed, and provides additional support to all our employees. 

We encourage employee behaviour that aligns with our values, and a flexible workplace where it is a pleasure to work. Our DE&I initiatives have helped us deliver strong and sustainable business growth.


Our Enablers

At Pidilite, we pledge to create an environment that is diverse, inclusive and equitable in letter and in spirit. Our policies and practices are never static, we re-calibrate and enhance them to keep up with the new realities of life. While we have embarked on a DE&I journey, with well-planned and sustainable solutions, here are some of the commitments and policies that support our agenda.

Women at Work

Did you know that women make up only 12% of India’s manufacturing sector? We are changing that.

Manufacturing has long been a male-dominated field, and gender stereotypes and bias have blocked many talented women from joining its ranks. We have taken steps to attract and retain women, through flexible work arrangements, mentorship programs, leadership training and promoting diversity and inclusion.

Our focus is to bring more women into the workforce. At campus recruitment, we aim to eliminate gender bias during the recruitment process. We aim to identify leaders by nurturing mid-level talent who, as they grow, will become the leaders and role models for future candidates. 

A key aspect in increasing representation in the workforce is enhanced working conditions — a safe and healthy environment, flexible hours, competitive pay and equal opportunities for growth and advancement. We believe that these measures will make Pidilite an exciting place for women to work.

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Chief Human Resources Officer

Rahul Sinha

“At Pidilite, we strive to create an enabling and empowering environment where we respect differences that are fundamental to an individual’s identity. This is ingrained in our ways of working, in PILGLOBIN, our values guide, which lays a strong emphasis on respect, listening, humility, and empowerment.

To ensure we have a diverse, equitable and inclusive work environment both in letter and in spirit, we keep enhancing and recalibrating our people practices and policies. We believe that a truly diverse and inclusive workplace not only benefits our employees but also our customers and communities, and we are committed to making this a reality at Pidilite.”

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