Creating Leaders of Tomorrow

Businesses need new, impactful ideas to stay ahead. The Young Talent Management Program is a structured platform that offers students opportunities to design innovative solutions for real-life business challenges.



Young Talent Management (YTM)

Pidilite’s Flagship Program


Our candidates, which include Graduate Engineer Trainees, Management Trainees and students from Pidilite’s various business programs, are dynamic, driven and determined to make a difference. Through hands-on experience on live projects and mentorship visionaries, we provide support and insights on leadership, career decisions, skill building, innovation, and more.


Our commitment to your growth makes Pidilite’s Graduate Engineer Trainee (GET) and Management Trainee (MT) programs best-in-class in the industry. 

Join us and transform yourself from an ambitious young mind today, to tomorrow’s changemaker.

We believe that talent, when nurtured, creates immense value. By tapping into the insights and experiences of diverse, young minds from the fields of Business, Technology and Research, we empower them to create impactful solutions that can redefine organisation, industry and the world.

Young Talent Management

Graduate Engineer Trainee Program

The journey to becoming a Pidilitian starts here

Pidilite gives everyone the opportunity to be a pioneer. The immersive and experiential Graduate Engineer Trainee Program (GET) helps you develop the mindset, skills and capabilities to up your innovation quotient. 


Rather than just watching and learning, you will be neck-deep and hands-on into real projects that shy away from the tried and tested. A team of generation-defying visionaries will empower your personal, professional and intellectual growth. 


Recharge your thinking. Develop a growth mindset. Unleash your passion and potential. Find your purpose. The Pidilite GET enhances the spirit of innovation and creativity to transform you into a global leader.



Hands-on experience helps build expertise

Internships bridge the gap between academics and aspirations. They transform theoretical knowledge into real-world applicability by providing hands-on experience, practical insights and honing crucial skills. They help students gain industry exposure and expand their professional networks. By working on live projects pertaining to sales, market development, supply chain and other areas in one of the world’s leading consumer goods companies, you will cultivate adaptability, resilience, and a deeper understanding of the workplace dynamics. 


Young Talent Management, our flagship internship program, is more than just a resume booster. It is a life-changing training ground that has helped students generate real-time ideas to help consumers and craftsmen. Your idea could be next!


Management Trainee Program

A successful career begins with a successful company.

This comprehensive one-year program entails diverse functional and cross-functional rotations, equipping trainees for substantial roles within the organization. A dedicated team offers personalized mentorship, monthly evaluations, and career-focused discussions, laying the groundwork for future accomplishments.


This is your first step towards success.