Sustainability is not just a promise for a brighter tomorrow. It is our commitment to create a better today for people across the globe.


We Care for Our Community

At Pidilite, our work goes beyond Corporate Social Responsibility - we aim to create value in society.
As a company, we have always been deeply rooted in society. It is our responsibility to invest in, and ensure, the holistic growth and wellbeing of the local communities and people we work with.
We have pioneered various initiatives across diverse spheres of life, which have engaged and empowered the community at large.

Agriculture &






Agriculture and Horticulture Initiative

Pidilite supports various agriculture and horticulture initiatives by collaborating with experts and institutions and conducting open dialogues with farmers through night meetings.


Farmers impacted

1 Lakh

Increase in Farmer Income


Increase in Yield of Cotton in Comparison to National Average


One-Acre Wadis for Vegetable and Fruit Crops Developed


Farmers Adopted Good Agricultural Practices

Pidilite monitors farmers’ adoption data on a digital portal for good agricultural practices, such as intercropping, high density planting, soil management, MIS. Geo-tagging these farmer’s locations provides invaluable data, which enables us to share valuable recommendations and solutions, quickly and efficiently. 70% of the farmers adopted our recommendations and solutions, resulting in a 12% decrease in the cost of production.

Our fruit and vegetable initiative resulted in the development of 60 one-acre wadis, and we added another 24 wadis in 2022-23. Providing shade nets for the replication of fruit and vegetable crops resulted in an average increase in income of Rs. 1 lakh per annum.

We had noticed a decrease in the cotton crop productivity year on year, which was impacting the farmers’ income. Our initiatives resulted in a 130% increase in cotton yield compared to the national average yield.

Women’s Initiative

To provide financial freedom to women to help them run their households, Pidilite helped form, develop and nurture 110 new Self Help Groups (SHGs) called Mahila Mandals in the year 2022-23. These mandals were set up in the Bhavnagar, Talaja and Amreli districts of Gujarat. Today, the total number of SHGs has swelled to 748, with the number of members increasing to 7853. These Mahila Mandals serve as a source of credit for women to buffer them against various financial crises.


Total Strength of Women


Members in 2023


New Self Help Groups Developed


Training Sessions in 2022-23


Participants at the Women’s Day Event

Pidilite helped create 6 cluster federations across 41 village organisations, to help the SHGs remain sustainable. Five new VOs and 5 Cluster Level Federations were formed in 2022-2023 alone. 

The SHG Training and Assessment Centre focused on expanding the local women’s technical, financial and managerial skills, to help them operate their businesses efficiently. Pidilite conducted over 190 training sessions to over 400 SHGs (around 3,900 women), resulting in the rise of mini businesses that would help women earn a dignified livelihood.

SHGs cumulatively run and manage 6 units of khakhra, as well as other units for a range of products such as sanitisers, wooden toys, pickle, aloe vera, masala, baking, bio phenyl, jute, cloth bags, soft toys, bio-pesticides, seaweed products, and a banana fibre processing unit. 

A fully operational warehouse in Mahuva supports these mini businesses with logistics and sales. The warehouse handles orders, delivery to respective vendors, inventory management and other essential services.

Education Initiative

In rural areas, children rarely read due to unavailability of good reading material. Loss of this skill could deeply impact a child’s learning ability at a young age. To inculcate the habit of reading, Pidilite supported the development of 8 libraries - 3 community libraries, 4 school libraries, and one large-scale library at Gujarat University, Ahmedabad catering to around 800 students per day.


Libraries Supported


Schools Digitised


Schools Beautified


New Anganwadis Covered in Mahuva Taluka

We further upscaled the initiative that focuses on learning through the Shri GijuBhai Badheka Methodology - in collaboration with Daxinamurti Bhavnagar (a pre-primary initiative) - by emphasising on the teaching of children between 3-5 years. The methodology follows the concept of self-manifestation through rhymes, stories, action songs, outings, games and other interactive methods, to help spark curiosity amongst children.

In the initial stages, 20 Anganwadis were covered, and the children’s attendance increased from 25% to 75% in 2022-23. Encouraged by this positive response, we covered an additional 125 Anganwadis in the Mahuva Taluka in Phase 1.

Pidilite has continued the WaGale Initiative in 143 schools, helping students develop basic skills like reading, writing and counting. We have also assisted the beautification of 200 Government schools (51 new schools) in Mahuva and Jesar Talukas.

An MoU has been signed with the District Panchayat of Amreli and Bhavnagar, respectively, to renovate 220 Anganwadis and develop 2 Gram Panchayats (computer labs and libraries) under the PPP model.

Water Initiative

To conserve and protect water sources, Pidilite has supported water management activities in collaboration with the Department of Narmada, Water Resources, Water Supply, and Kalpsar Department of the Government of Gujarat under the PPP model.


Check Dams Constructed


Hectares of Micro Irrigation on Farmland


Deepening of Farm Ponds Completed


Well Recharges in 100 Villages


Million Litres of Water Conserved in Gujarat

In 2022-23, we completed the deepening of 13 ponds and 36 farm ponds. The Company also assisted in building 269 check dams, deepening 114 ponds and 726 farm ponds, and completed check dam repairs and canal linking work across 300 kms.

Pidilite initiated the development of various water structures, such as 62 check dams and 17 ponds for 2024 and is consulting with the Government to develop more water structures.

During the year 2022-23, 310 hectares of farmland were converted into areas for micro irrigation. Additionally, 34 wells in 50 villages were recharged to improve groundwater quality. 

In the last few years, over 4,400 hectares of land were transformed into micro irrigation areas. Additionally, 1436 village wells were recharged in 100 villages in the same period. 

Through these initiatives, Pidilite has managed to conserve, on surface, 226 million cubic litres of water in Gujarat.

Skill Initiative

Pidilite, in collaboration with the Directorate of Employment and Training (under the Labour and Employment Department) and the Government of Gujarat, has continued its 9-year long initiative to strengthen the skill ecosystem in the state.

By 2023, 18,609 trainees from 199 ITIs had benefited from technical courses in carpentry, plumbing, electrical work and construction. In Rajasthan, we are supporting 4 ITIs in their plumbing and carpentry courses.


Trainees Benefited from Courses


ITIs Provided with Skill Initiatives


ITI Industry Partners Under PPP Scheme

Pidilite has launched skill development initiatives in Himachal Pradesh and Maharashtra, covering 113 ITIs from 11 districts, 4 Train to Trainers (ToTs) in Himachal Pradesh, and courses in plumbing and carpentry in Maharashtra. The Company is also promoting Arts & Crafts training in ITIs for women in Maharashtra. 

Under the PPP scheme, Pidilite became an industry partner to 18 ITIs in Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh and Maharashtra. Efforts have been made to strengthen training delivery, in scale and quality. 

An MoU was signed with NSTI (W) - Vadodara, under the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Government of India, to provide skill training in Plumbing to Women.

We continued our support as an Industry Partner in Gujarat for the World Skill Competition 2022 in Carpentry, Joinery and Plumbing and Heating trades. 

An Advance Skilling Centre is being established on Woodworking and Plumbing at Ahmedabad under the aegis of Kaushalya – The Skill University, Government of Gujarat, where Certificate, Diploma, Graduation and Post Graduation courses in Woodworking and Plumbing will be offered.

The Company has also been instrumental in organising District, Regional and State level sports events to enable the holistic development of students and ITIs.

Healthcare Initiatives

In 2022-23, Pidilite continued to support Hanumant Hospital in Mahuva, enabling them to treat 45,582 outpatients, perform over 3,179 surgeries and successfully handle 12,639 emergency cases. Additionally, four educational training programs were conducted for the medical fraternity.


Patients Treated


Surgeries Performed


Emergency Cases Handled


Beneficiaries from Cashless Services


Beneficiaries from Different Schemes

Hanumant Hospital is enrolled under the Ayushyaman Bharat scheme of the Government of India. Under this plan, cashless treatment to 1,365 beneficiaries has been provided during the year 2022-23.

In 2022-23, the hospital provided cashless dialysis service to 7,420 patients (in the urology cluster). Cumulatively 8,577 beneficiaries have benefitted from various cashless services.

The Hospital also conducted free eye and paediatric checkup camps through mobile ophthalmic vans in 46 villages of Mahuva and its surrounding areas, screening over 4,250 patients. 289 free cataract surgeries with Intraocular lenses (IOL) were conducted in collaboration with the Vision Foundation, Mumbai.

Hanumant Hospital runs three schemes namely, Chitrakutdham Arogya Scheme, Jaswant Mehta Arogya Scheme and Arogya Sanjivani Scheme, under which free treatment has been provided to 8,886 beneficiaries.

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Turning Waste to Value with Our Partners

Pidilite is proud to partner with a wide network of collection centres to minimise environmental impact. Search for local business listings for centres / stockists in your area, to drop off waste.

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ESG Certification

ESG WORLD enables us to store our ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) profile reports and disclosures. It allows the investment community unique access to Pidilite’s ESG database in ESG and other sustainability parameters that are referenced in the Global Reporting Initiatives (GRI) Standards. The platform is continuously updated to reflect our evolving ESG goals and disclosures.

We believe that proactivity is a key force in sustainability. We take our responsibilities to the planet seriously, far beyond legal compliance. Our programs in areas such as occupational health and safety, environment management, community development and talent management have allowed us to identify new opportunities and create a diverse agenda.